How to Mix for a Hard Nutella Chocolate?

Learn about How to Mix for a Hard Nutella Chocolate. Find out how to create a lusciously hard Nutella chocolate with our step-by-step tutorial.

Nutella chocolate is a heavenly concoction, a luscious spread blending rich cocoa and roasted hazelnuts into a velvety symphony of flavor. This iconic treat, beloved worldwide, harmonizes sweetness with a subtle nuttiness, creating a versatile delight.

How to Mix for a Hard Nutella Chocolate
How to Mix for a Hard Nutella Chocolate

The versatility of Nutella allows it to transcend the ordinary, whether it is spread on toast, incorporated into desserts, or enjoyed by the spoonful. The creaminess of its texture and the indulgent taste make it the preferred choice of anyone seeking a moment of pure chocolate bliss. Nutella is not just a spread; it’s a delectable experience, a cherished addition to breakfast tables, and culinary creations that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

How to Mix for a Hard Nutella Chocolate?

Hard Nutella chocolate is prepared by blending 1 cup of Nutella with 1/4 cup of unsalted butter, 1/2 cup of powdered sugar, and 1/2 cup of premium chocolate chips. The addition of 1/2 cup of crushed hazelnuts and a teaspoon of vanilla extract will give the cake a delightfully crunchy touch. 

The chocolate and butter are melted, the Nutella is mixed in, and then the sugar, the hazelnuts, and vanilla are folded in. Once chilled, you can shape them into bite-sized wonders and top them with a dusting of cocoa powder or more chopped hazelnuts. This simple yet heavenly combination of flavors and textures is irresistible.

Features of Nutella chocolate

Nutella chocolate, a culinary masterpiece, boasts a plethora of enticing features that have propelled it to worldwide acclaim:

1. Rich Creaminess

Nutella envelops the palate with its luxuriously creamy texture, creating a velvety indulgence that captivates taste buds.

2. Hazelnut Elegance

Infused with roasted hazelnuts, Nutella achieves a perfect balance, adding a delightful nuttiness that complements the decadent chocolate base.

3. Versatile Application

From spreading on bread to enhancing desserts, Nutella’s versatility knows no bounds, transforming everyday treats into extraordinary delights.

4. Global Icon

With a global fan base, Nutella has become a cultural phenomenon, symbolizing a shared love for exquisite chocolate experiences.

5. Breakfast Companion

A breakfast favorite, Nutella pairs seamlessly with toast, pancakes, and waffles, offering a delicious start to the day.

6. No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

Nutella prides itself on purity, free from artificial colors and preservatives, ensuring a more natural and wholesome chocolate experience.

7. Sweet Harmony

The perfect fusion of sugar, cocoa, and hazelnuts creates a harmonious sweetness that appeals to the sweet tooth without being overwhelming.

8. Elevated Snacking

Elevate snacks with Nutella as a dip for fruits, pretzels, or even spread between cookies, transforming ordinary moments into indulgent escapes.

9. Charming Packaging

Packaged in iconic jars, Nutella’s distinctive design adds a touch of charm to kitchen shelves, making it not just a treat but a visual delight.

How to Mix for a Hard Nutella Chocolate
How to Mix for a Hard Nutella Chocolate

Why is Nutella so expensive?

The cost of Nutella can be attributed to several factors that contribute to its relatively higher price in comparison to other spreads. Here are some of the reasons behind the high price of this beloved hazelnut chocolate spread:

  • Quality Ingredients: A variety of high-quality ingredients are used to make Nutella, including hazelnuts, cocoa, and milk. Costs associated with the sourcing and processing of these premium components contribute to the overall production cost.
  • Cocoa Quality: The rich chocolate flavor of Nutella is a result of cocoa, which is one of its key ingredients. High-quality cocoa beans are used in the production process, along with meticulous processing to achieve the perfect blend.
  • Manufacturing Process: A unique manufacturing process is employed by Ferrero to produce Nutella, which involves grinding the hazelnuts into a smooth, creamy texture. The production costs of this intricate process are increased due to the use of specialized equipment.
  • Brand Reputation: It is no secret that Nutella has established itself as one of the leading brands in the chocolate spread market. A great deal of its price difference can be attributed to its reputation for quality and taste as compared with generic or store-brand alternatives.
  • Global Demand: There is a high demand for Nutella worldwide because of its widespread popularity. There is a possibility that the cost of meeting this demand will have an impact on the final retail price, particularly in terms of production scale, distribution, and storage.
  • Nutritional Value: Nutella is typically positioned as a spread that contains hazelnuts and cocoa, which makes it versatile and nutritious. It is possible for the perceived value and price of a product to be affected by the nutritional content and the health-conscious choices made in the formulation.
  • Packaging Quality: Nutella is packaged in distinctive packaging that ensures that the product remains fresh and durable. Costs for packaging are influenced by the quality of the materials used, such as the iconic glass jar or the sealed plastic container.

Can I use any cocoa powder for this recipe?

Yes, of course! Chocolate is enhanced in its richness by using high-quality, unsweetened cocoa powder.

Can I add additional flavors?

Yes, absolutely! Taste the difference when you add a hint of vanilla or a sprinkle of sea salt for a flavor explosion.

Is it possible to make this recipe vegan?

Yes, of course! You can replace the dairy products in this recipe with vegan alternatives to create a delicious vegan hard Nutella chocolate.

Why did my chocolate turn out too soft?

Make sure your ratios are correct. A perfect balance of firmness and creaminess should be achieved by adjusting the ingredients.

Can I substitute hazelnuts with other nuts?

Yes, of course! Create your chocolate masterpiece by experimenting with almonds or walnuts.

How long should I refrigerate the mixture?

The minimum recommended time is two hours. You can therefore expect your Nutella chocolate to have a firm yet velvety texture.


The journey to mastering the art of mixing Nutella chocolate is well worth undertaking. Enjoy the pleasure of elevating your culinary skills, delighting your taste buds, and sharing the joy with those who matter most to you. Your homemade Nutella chocolate is a testament to your newfound expertise, so indulge in it to the fullest.

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